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Everything (2006) is Micah Gaugh's solo debut. This album defines avant pop, a genre Micah created. The album is produced by Arto Lindsay and features Melvin Gibbs (electric bass) and Danny Chavis (guitar),  with tracks produced by J'nero Jarel, George Katsiris and Micah Gaugh. 

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Album cover image Blue Fairy Mermaid Princess

Blue Fairy Mermaid Princess (2013) is music from the Micah Gaugh Trio, recorded from 1993 to 1995. They are the live recordings of compositions by Micah Gaugh (saxophone,  vocals), Dan Bodwell (contra bass), and Kevin Shea (drums).

Album cover image Pessego do Verao

Pêssego do Verâo (2015) was two years in the making. Recorded in Salvador Bahia, Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, the album incorporates the sounds of 23 Brazilian studio musicians. 

Stars are Harem is Gaugh's latest album. Released on the Sê-lo Net Label and recorded in Harlem, Stars are a Harem is a modern day answer to Miles Davis's Kind of Blue, with music steeped in the avant-garde tradition, yet accessible thanks to "pop" recording techniques and a softening of the harsh sounds associated with the 1960s avant-garde in American jazz music. 

"Smothered in sultry piano and staccato jazz style percussion, Micah gives us a taste of pure New York jazz fused with pure indie in such an original way it’s impossible to turn away" - Jammerzine